Wyoming Rest Areas

If you’re planning a road trip of any distance, take a look at using Wyoming’s Rest Areas on your route to stop at. It’s a great way not to over stress yourself. Wyoming Rest Areas are designed to provide highway travelers a safe and convenient facility to rest before continuing with their journey.

Wyoming State Rest Area Map

Wyoming Rest Area Map

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Wyoming Rest Areas with RV Dump Stations

Cheyenne Information Center, I-25 south of Cheyenne

Independence Rock Rest Area, WYO 220, 52 miles southwest of Casper

Chugwater Rest Area, I-25, 25 miles south of Wheatland

Orin Junction Rest Area, I-25, 13 miles south of Douglas

Dwyer Junction Rest Area, I-25, 12 miles north of Wheatland

Sheridan Information Center, I-90 in Sheridan

Sundance Rest Area, I-90 east of Sundanc

Wyoming State Rest Area List

Wyoming Interstate I-25 WY Rest Areas

Wyoming Interstate I-25 – Cheyenne 

Wyoming Interstate I-25 – Chugwater (25 miles South of Wheatland)

Wyoming Interstate I-25 – Dwyer Junction (25 miles North of Wheatland)

Wyoming Interstate I-25 – Orin Junction (13 miles South of Douglas)

Wyoming Interstate I-25 – Kaycee (46 miles South of Buffalo)

Wyoming Interstate I-80 WY Rest Areas

Wyoming Interstate I-80 –  Pine Bluffs

Wyoming Interstate I-80 –  Summit (9 miles East of Laramie)

Wyoming Interstate I-80 –  Wagonhound (50 miles West of Laramie)

Wyoming Interstate I-80 –  Fort Steele (13 miles East of Rawlins)

Wyoming Interstate I-80 – Bitter Creek (41 miles East of Rock Springs)

Wyoming Interstate I-80 – Lyman (36 miles East of  Evanston)

Wyoming Interstate I-80 – Bear Creek (1 mile East of  Evanston)

Wyoming Interstate I-90 WY Rest Areas​

Wyoming Interstate I-90 – Northeast (6 miles East of Beulah)

Wyoming Interstate I-90 – Sundance

Wyoming Interstate I-90 – Moorecroft

Wyoming Interstate I-90 – Powder River (32 miles East if Buffalo)

Wyoming Interstate I-90 – Sheridan 

Wyoming US-14 WY Rest Areas

Wyoming US-14 – Greybull

Wyoming US-14A WY Rest Areas

Wyoming US-14A – Powell

Wyoming US-16 WY Rest Areas

Wyoming US-16 – Upton (20 miles Northwest of New Castle)

Wyoming US-18 WY Rest Areas

Wyoming US-18 – Lusk

Wyoming US-18 an d US-85 WY Rest Areas

Wyoming US-18 / US-85 – Mule Creek Junction (25 miles South of New Castle)

Wyoming US-20 WY Rest Areas

Wyoming US-20 – Waltman (49 miles West of Casper)

Wyoming US-26 WY Rest Areas

Wyoming US-26 – Jackson

Wyoming US-26 – Diversion Dam Junction (37 miles West of Riverton)

Wyoming US-26 – Guemsey (30 miles Northwest of Torrington)

Wyoming US-85 WY Rest Areas

Wyoming US-85 – Meriden (24 miles Northeast of Cheyenne)

Wyoming US-89 WY Rest Areas

Wyoming US-89 – Star Valley (10 miles North of Alton)

Wyoming US-191 WY Rest Areas

Wyoming US-191 – Pinedale

Wyoming US-287 WY Rest Areas

Wyoming US-287 – Sweetwater Station (39 miles Southwest of Lander)

Wyoming US-287 – Lander

Wyoming State Highway WYO-28 Rest Areas

Wyoming WYO-59 – South Pass (43 miles Southwest of Lander

Wyoming State Highway WYO-59 Rest Areas

Wyoming WYO-59 – Cheyenne River (43 miles North of Douglas)

Wyoming State Highway WYO-120 Rest Areas

Wyoming WYO-120 – Gooseberry Creek (37 miles Northwest of Thermopolis)

Wyoming State Highway WYO-220 Rest Areas

Wyoming WYO-220 – Independence Rock ( 52 miles Southwest of Casper)

Wyoming State Highway WYO-487 Rest Areas

Wyoming WYO-487 – Shirley Basin (42 miles North of Medicine Bow)

"Tired driving can be as dangerous as drunk driving. Use an Wyoming Rest Area and enjoy a safe trip".
Wyoming Rest Area Stops